Samstag, 17. Dezember 2011


in this hack i take control over a 70EUR rc tank by shortening the remotecontrols buttons with optocouplers. the tank is tracked with REACTIVISION, and a PURE DATA patch generates the control signals that make the tank follow paths from an vector drawing or generative algorythms. i use a spare channel of the remote to control a servo for the pen.

The Tank stands for the evil and lunatic devices created by a devilish industry for the profit of a small group of irresponsible selfish businessmen, generating fortunes in arms industries while the rest of mankind lives in fear or even agony as a result.
Their latest bestsellers are radio controlled killing machines - drones, UAV's, smart bombs, high-tech war machinery that uses a computergame like interface to kill real people.
Being a children's toy, it reflects the procedure how an attitude gets inherited from one generation to another.

I want to break that circle symbolically by imparting the tank with abilities of expression.
These include user reactive behaviors combined with choreographic elements and imagery.

the image below is a computer simulation for a rasterizing algorythm

this is my first project here at the class for digital art in vienna.
it is very good fun here.

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