Donnerstag, 11. November 2010

GEM-Engine 1.0 released!

GEM-Engine 1.0 is a collection of abstractions for PureData Extended.


It employs 3D navigation like you know it from 3D Programms like 3Ds Max or others in GEM, Pd's openGL engine.
It enables you to navigate in 3d space using your mouse, or other input devices. It provides objects to select and move things in space among many other useful little tools for creating your interactive realtime 3d scenes within Pd.

There is also a bunch of MaxScripts, that export coordinate lists of any kind of animated objects from 3DsMax to Pd. By this procedure you can use motion data produced by ParticleFlow, Physics Simulations, Biped-Skeleton Animations or whatever in GEM.
If you use another 3D Programm you will have to write your own export scripts, which shouldnt be hard to do. IF YOU SUCCEED please let me know, so i can include them in the package. I'd also be glad to hear your experiences with it, just drop me a mail

why PD?
  • span the gemwindow over a couple of gfx-card outputs using expanded desktop mode (9 screens @ 1280 x 1024 is the most i did)
  • use multiple inputs for machine user interaction like: Wii Controller (piped via osc from Karl Kenners Glovepie), MIDI devices, sensors with Arduino boards, Live Camera Tracking with openCV or EyesWeb, Wacom tablets, ARToolkit coordinates, SoundAnalysis… (procedures are platform dependend) ....actually pd can connect with whatever runs on electricity.
  • output multichannel audio
  • control mechatronics using Arduino, DMX or MIDI.

All this makes my little Gem engine a good place to start developing interactive multimedia installations or sound reactive VJ sets.


STUDIO ROGALA hat gesagt…

Very good patch Sonsofsol!!!
Thanks for sharing with others.
Some small ( I hope) bugs: pd reports error ( win pc) :
zexy-2.2.3 (compiled: Sep 22 2010)
Copyright (l) 1999-2008 IOhannes m zmölnig, forum::für::umläute & IEM
error: pack: b: bad type
another :
error: pd-uzi.pd: no such object
when launching from c:/gem-engine, besides this two bugs, everything works, but it is not possible to launch examples from inside c:/Program Files /pd/extra/!!!new/gem-engine/ .
Is it possible to add colission detection to camera in cursor mode, and live (webcam) backgorund? Would be great...

Dario hat gesagt…


Very good patch...

The only improvement I see is to have gemwin width, height and offsets as parameters (I use two presets, one for windowed and one for fullscreen).

Anyway congratulations!